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Paul Bennett, Director

Everyone has a ‘must have’ list when they move home but in the light of the pandemic, our priorities have started to change. While it remains important to be within striking distance of a Tube or train station – and with good schools still holding sway with families - buyers and tenants have started to look for a new set of everyday essentials.


For vendors and landlords, this means making sure their property ticks as many boxes as possible, taking heed of the new ‘must haves’. It’s wise to pay particular attention to presentation ahead of photographs, video tours and in-person viewings as you are selling a new lifestyle, as well as bricks and mortar. If you need to focus the mind, the following four areas should be top of your list:-


  1. Outdoor space: In early August 2020, Rightmove reported that searches for homes with gardens had doubled since 2019, as prospective house buyers place more importance on outdoor space following lockdown.


    Presentation tip: If you’re selling or letting out a property you own, ensure any garden space, terraces, courtyards or balconies are clean, tidy and ‘dressed’ – that means showing off the space with colourful pots planted with in-season blooms, creating invitingly comfortable seating areas and illustrating the potential for al fresco dining, with a table laid with crockery, cutlery and lanterns.


  1. Home office: did you know 49% of UK workers reported working from home in June 2020 compared to just 4.3% in 2015? Despite the Prime Minister’s plea to get back to the office, more professionals than ever are set to ditch their centralized desks in favour of a home-based setup.


    Presentation tip: Working at the dining table is not ideal so if you’re offering a property on the open market, setting up a room, corner or even nook on the landing as a home office will attract attention. Include a desk, chair, laptop and lamp for authenticity.


  1. Digital connections: In light of the above, broadband speeds and mobile phone signals are now of paramount importance. In fact, Broadband Genie found that only 16% of buyers would purchase a property that doesn’t have access to fast broadband, while just 19% said they would buy a home that doesn’t have a good mobile reception.


    Presentation tip: It’s hard to illustrate good connections in photographs but ensure anyone buying or renting your property has the latest information and opportunity to connect to the fastest, most reliable services. Show what’s possible by printing out the information found using Ofcom’s free checker service  and this online broadband speed checker – all you need is your postcode.


  1. The larder: Ten kilograms of dried penne pasta anyone? The beginning of lockdown taught us that stockpiling food is reassuring but storing bulk buys can be problematic. Step in the larder. This old-fashioned kitchen addition favoured by Nigella Lawson has won new-found respect, especially since Instagram is full of photos of ‘pantry perfection’.


    Presentation tip: If you haven’t got a walk-in larder, consider adding a freestanding larder unit - just make sure it looks immaculate when the doors are opened. The current trend is to decant dry goods into glass jars with attractive tags but failing that, ensure all your labels are facing out and your tins lined up neatly.


If you would like advice about presenting your property so it appeals to today’s home moving audience, contact Behr & Butchoff. We provide a professional marking service that includes advice and aesthetic guidance.