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Paul Bennett, Director

The third entry in our series of property presentation blogs focuses on bedrooms. We share our advice concerning these most intimate of spaces and how to ensure they look their best.

The number of bedrooms in a property often has the biggest impact on its value. So while ground floor space may carry some extra wow factor, Behr & Butchoff recommends you don’t overlook the importance of presenting bedrooms at their best. Our advice will help set the right scene.

Present the space as a bedroom

A prospective buyer or tenant will process a room more positively if it’s dressed for its intended purpose. If you are listing your property as a home with four bedrooms, ensure there is a bed in each of those four rooms. Illustrate the proportions by using a double bed where possible (double rooms are more desirable and add more value) and include a single or day bed in spaces smaller than 2.7m by 2.7m.

How the bed looks really matters

The biggest faux pas is an unmade bed or, worse still, a mattress placed on the floor. Even an undressed bed can send out the wrong signals, so ensure the bed is made up with fresh bed linen – fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases. Ironing your linen will give you the crispest finish but smoothing out wrinkles will also improve the aesthetic.

Keep clothing hidden

Even clean clothes left hanging around can make a bedroom looked unkempt so follow the basic rules. Ensure there are no clothes on the floor; all clean garments should be stored away; dirty laundry should never be left on view and ironing piles must be banished to the airing cupboard.

Opt for neutral colours

If your bedrooms have a particularly strong colour scheme or your children’s rooms heavily feature characters, it may be wise to redecorate in neutral tones. Pastel shades work well in nurseries, while classic white or cream are ideal for principal bedrooms. Lighter colours also allow for brighter shades to be introduced in moderation, perhaps in the form of scatter cushions, artwork or bedside lamps.

Clear the clutter

Less is definitely more when creating a positive impression. One place that can let a bedroom down is under the bed, so ensure it’s free of junk. The eye will also be drawn to the top of a wardrobe, so also pay attention to this area. When it comes to children’s rooms, invest in ample toy storage, and ensure the floor is free of clothes, crayons and cuddly toys.

Air the room

A stale smelling or stuffy bedroom will not please prospective home movers, so open any windows well in advance of viewings. Ensuring any curtains are drawn and blinds opened will also lighten the atmosphere and enhance the feeling of space.

If you are looking to sell or let a property you and would like presentation advice, please contact the Behr & Butchoff team.