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Paul Bennett, Director

There are many things that put buyers off purchasing a property and up there among the top reasons is the choice of décor. A new survey in 2020 by discovered that a garish interior design scheme was among the top seven aspects that buyers found off putting.


The website said that potential purchasers found it especially hard to see beyond gaudy paint colours and encouraged sellers to tone down the shades applied to their walls before they go on the market. The research was backed up by Location, Location Location presenter Kirsty Allsopp who, in a Q&A session with The Times on Twitter recently, addressed the issue of paint colours in homes on the market.


She urged caution when covering an entire interior in grey paint saying although it was ‘fashionable’, it ran the risk of zapping natural light. Kirsty was quoted as saying: “Always go for the palest shade. You don’t want a shade that will darken your walls. And remember that colours deepen when on four walls. Often people put samples on a patch of white wall but are surprised later when the finished room seems so much darker.”


Thankfully, dedicated followers of design fashion who are getting ready to put their house on the market can rejoice, as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 has been announced and it’s a light shade. Brave Ground is a soft beige akin to a rich tea biscuit. It was chosen for its earthy, comforting and safe qualities during a time when people need to feel grounded at home.


Homeowners can be liberal when redecorating with Brave Ground. It’s the perfect shade to cover up past colours of the year, which include the more vibrant tones of Ultra Violet, Living Coral, Classic Blue and Tranquil Dawn.


For those who feel beige is just too boring, fear not. Brave Ground works exceptionally well with a host of other colours. If you are selling your property, however, you may like to keep bolder shades to a minimum – perhaps an alcove recess, a chimney breast or behind fitted shelves.


Try Brave Ground with the inky tones of navy blue, deepest charcoal grey or even the softest of creams. The shade also complements metallic accessories, so be generous with gilded mirrors, light fittings and lamps in antique gold, silver and copper.


And you don’t have to confine yourself just to Brave Ground if beige is ringing your bell. Alternatives paints include Farrow & Ball’s Matchstick, String and Cord, Johnstone’s Quail Ridge and Cosy Beige, or Fired Earth’s Travertina Crema, Ecru and Light Umber. Buy a few paint samples to try on different walls in different rooms – you’ll be surprised how they look at various times of day and night, and in artificial light compared to daylight.


If you are redecorating and neutralizing your interior tastes with selling in mind, consult with the Behr & Butchoff team. We can advise on what buyers are looking for today and whether painting the town beige, instead of red, will result in more interest.