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Paul Bennett, Director

Are you one of thousands who have an overwhelming urge to change things up and refresh at the start of the new year? One of the most common resolutions is to redecorate inside the home, especially once the Christmas decorations have been packed away and rooms look a little forlorn.


If this is you, the global colour experts at Pantone® has displayed expert timing. It has just unveiled its Pantone® Colour of the Year 2022, which for the next 12 months is something called Very Peri.


Although the name brings to mind a type of sauce you may order at a famous chicken restaurant, the reality couldn’t be more different. Very Peri is actually a shade of purple with both blue and violet-red undertones. The colour has been chosen for its synergy with creativeness, new horizons, transition and fresh perspectives.


Lavender is the purple that Very Peri most resembles – a soft mid purple that is neither pastel or dark. In terms of how Very Peri can be used in the home, it is, perhaps, a divisive colour that won’t be loved by everyone.


If, however, Pantone® Colour of the Year 2022 strikes a chord with you, here are 5 of Behr & Butchoff’s favourite ways of incorporating Very Peri into where you live:-


·         Create a feature wall: Very Peri is being described as a ‘playful’ colour and its ability to influence people’s emotions may make it subjective, especially for those redecorating ahead of a house sale. While a beautiful shade, it’s probably best confined to a feature wall in one of the less pivotal rooms in a property, such as a spare bedroom.


·         Use with a complementary colour: if you’d like Very Peri to play a greater role in your interior design, think about using it as an accent colour. As well as pairing perfectly with pure white to create a very French ‘Provençal’ look, this shade of purple works well with soft taupe and stone shades.


·         Repaint your front door: as sales and letting agents, we frequently talk about ‘kerb appeal’ and repainting your front door is one way of smartening up your front of house. Using Very Peri as an exterior colour works especially well if you have a stucco-fronted house but reserve it for your front door and not your masonry.



·         Pick out purples in wallpaper & fabric: you can add dashes of Very Peri to your home by looking for the shade amongst other patterns and colours. Floral designs are a good place to start. Look for prints that feature wisteria, periwinkle, lavender, iris and crocus and you’ll find a natural match for Very Peri.


·         Opt for accessories: as with every Pantone® Colour of the Year, homeware companies are quick to catch on, producing matching items that easily bring interiors in line with current trends. From candles and cushions to blankets and window blinds, the most neutral room can sport Very Peri after a trip to your nearest department store or High Street. Why not try a neatly stacked pile of purple towels in the bathroom or a Klim-style throw artfully draped over the arm of a sofa?



If you are sprucing up your property with a sale or rental in mind and would like the advice of a leading London agent, contact the Behr & Butchoff team.