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Paul Bennett, Director

A feature in The Telegraph reported that a well-maintained garden can add 20% to a property’s value, especially if it’s a simple area that is easy-to-look after and ready to enjoy.

In central London, gardens may not be sprawling but even a small slice of private outdoor space is highly prized. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest buyers in the capital will pay a premium for a garden and even if the value can’t be measured in monetary terms, an appealing garden will grab attention and give an edge over properties without.

With the arrival of longer days and warmer weather – coupled with news that garden centres and DIY stores may soon reopen to the visiting public – now is the time to spruce up your outdoor space ahead of a property sale this summer.

Here are Behr & Butchoff’s suggestions:-

  1. Create an al fresco dining area

    Whether it’s a cup of Earl Grey in the morning sunshine or supper as sun sets, arranging an al fresco dining area sells a lifestyle that many buyers desire. If you’re short on space, try a bistro set or even a pair of deck chairs with a side table.

  2. Make it low maintenance

    We find many purchasers are put off by gardens that appear to need lots of work, especially among those who are time poor or who travel. Achieve a low-maintenance garden with more hard landscaping – such as paved or gravel areas – and less lawn, evergreen shrubs rather than deciduous varieties and clusters of pots instead of flower beds.

  3. Dress to create an extra room

    An evolution in garden furniture and outdoor accessories has made it possible to easily create outdoor rooms. All-weather sofas, coffee tables and even rugs can be used to create an outside living room, while using lanterns, solar lights and mirrors as props will sell an in-vogue lifestyle.

  4. Add an outbuilding

    If space permits, add a shed or garden room. As well as providing essential storage, many homeowners have been very creative with outdoor rooms – creating home gyms, yoga studios, games rooms and places to craft. Add light, power and insulation for the best return on investment.

  5. Show what’s possible with small spaces

    Even if you have a rooftop terrace, a bijou courtyard or a balcony, illustrating what’s achievable is important. Try growing vegetables in troughs and hanging baskets, use trellis to train clematis or jasmine up a bare wall, and ‘dress’ the space with garden furniture and accessories to show how the area can be utilised.

If you are planning to sell your property this summer and would like to start the ball rolling behind the scenes, or are planning to buy in London with a garden on your ‘must have’ list, contact Behr & Butchoff today. We are working remotely until our St John’s Wood office reopens.